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Digg Effect on Adsense CTR and Earnings often will send a user base that is anti-ads. Digg users are most likely the most blind to ads, and Google ads.

If you read some of the comments in the thread at DigitalPoint Forums, you will notice that most enjoy getting digged, but the bottom line with AdSense is not that much of a difference. Here are some of users comments from the the Digital point discussion forum;

“Last week I had 10k for 2 days from but the CTR was only 0.01, only positive thins is you getting alot backlinks thats it.”

“I’m getting farked once and i get 27K of unique on 1 day and got my adsense increase about 3 to 4 dollar but i like free backlink more, looking to get more farked!”

“It would beat gambling on Digg and even if you did get on the front page, the traffic would be so untargetted it would probably be a waste of bandwidth if nothing else, although it may generate some links for you I guess.”

I enjoy being Dugg etc – only yesterday we were on the front page of Fark again.
Google adsense revenues were completely unaffected – as you would expect, while the rich media advertising raced ahead quite nicely as that is CPM based.
Our goal of being Dugg/Slashdotted/Farked is not direct revenue – but brand building though.
When I get hit, I see a nice increase in newsletter subscriptions, and following one memorable incident which lead to tons of blogs picking up on the story, our inbound links jumped significantly.
Being Farked etc is not about today’s revenues – but about tomorrows boost to your website – which in the long term will earn you even more than a one day wonder hit.

The same experience was shared at Webmaster world. Here are some of user comments from the forum;

I have a website/blog that today got dugg beyond my expectations. At first I was happy and couldn’t wait for the AS stats to refresh. But when they did, I found out that the only thing I got from digg was a waste of bandwidth. My CTR is 0.05% (!) and the impressions are over 30000 in the last three hours.
My question is: am I doing something wrong or is this normal with digg (i.e. digg users are not click-happy etc)

My site has been dugg several times, and I can confirm that you don’t get much, if any, revenue from the digg crowd. I thik a lot of the tech-savvy digg viewers have ad-blockers installed anyway, and the others just ignore ads.

However, being dugg does wonders for your site long-term. I still get lots of traffic to my site to pages that were dugg last year – the simple mention helps those pages a lot in search rankings. The referrer is often itself.

Digg users being tech savvy are totally useless for generating bucks from Adsense. Is this useless to Digg the pages? What do you say?

10 Funniest SEO Cartoon Images

Here is the collection of 10 funny SEO cartoons from the DailySEOBlog. SEO has never been so funny. Check out them.

The changed Algorithm

Link Baits 

Send them a candy

The most Searched Keyword

More uses of the Nofollow tag


The Date

The SEO Birthday Card

What is SEO ?

Hold it – Ranks !

How to update your Social Media Profiles Daily

Updating Social Media Profiles Visiting your all social profiles daily might be a difficult task for you. But you can make it easier by limiting their numbers and updating the major profiles. Here are the few tips which might help you.

Tips to update your Social Profiles Daily and Stay in Touch:

  • Twitter: Check Twitter once or twice daily. You’ll miss some stuff, but that’s the nature of Twitter anyway. Scanning tweets is easy, so go through them quickly, and respond to anything appropriate.
  • MyBlogLog: Check your community page once daily. Visit each new community member’s profile page and leave them a thank you message. If your community is growing slowly, you might decide to do this weekly. Each thank you should be as personalized as possible, but you don’t have to go crazy.

    The beauty of MyBlogLog is seeing who continues to visit your site. If you see people in the widget that are there regularly, visit their profiles, consider adding them as contacts and leave thank you messages.

  • RSS Reader / Blogs: I try and scan my RSS Reader no more than 3 or 4 times a day. It will depend on how many feeds you’re watching, and how you’ve got them categorized. But you should be able to get a clear picture of what’s important to you very quickly.

    Avoid a growing reading list that becomes unmanageable. If you see something interesting in your RSS Reader, check it out as quickly as possible (even if you’re scanning it) and comment if appropriate. But once you start saving a ton of bookmarks to be read at a later date it’s unlikely you’ll ever find the time.

  • Technorati & Linkbacks: Once a day, check Technorati (and other means) for tracking links back to your blog. Visit each of the sites that link to you. If they’re running MyBlogLog, they’ll see that you took the time, and that builds goodwill. A simple “thank you” comment is OK too.
  • StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is by far and away the best social media site out there. For this reason I’ve separated it out from the group below. Staying active on StumbleUpon is as easy as voting on stories you like. But in order to really build out your profile you need to spend more time.

    But the 10-minute daily approach is even simpler. Track who stumbles stories on your blog, befriend them, and then send them a message through StumbleUpon. The last step, sending a message, is one that I’ve just started, in the hopes that I can make a more personal connection with stumblers interested in my subject matter.

  • Social Media & Bookmarking Sites: I have to lump the group of them together, because there are too many to list. These include: digg, Sphinn, Shoutwire, Propeller, reddit and many, many others. Personally, I don’t think it’s possible to focus on more than 2 or 3 at any given time. The 10-minute daily guide to building your profiles on these sites is simple:
    1. Vote daily on a handful of posts.
    2. Submit weekly; at least 1 post, or preferably 5-10.

The Goals of Building Your Social Media Profile

The goals are simple:

  1. Develop meaningful relationships
  2. Build targeted traffic

If you choose to spend more time building your social media profile, you’ll likely get better results. But that doesn’t mean you need to or should spend hours per day. And always keep top-of-mind what you’re trying to accomplish, because it’s easy to get carried away and build up your profile for the sake of doing so.

Thanks Link.

Alexa again Introduces New Traffic Stats Features

Alexa Introduces New Features again. In the past time, Alexa updates the ranking of websites weekly, but now Alexa do it daily. Today I noticed few more new features in their ranking stats. Now without wasting your time, let see what are the changes that we can see in the traffic stats.

Following are the new features adapted by Alexa recently:

  1. Keywords: One of the good feature adapted by Alexa. It now tells the Top keywords that drive most of the traffic to the websites from Search Engines
  2. ClickStream: Another new brilliant feature is the clickstream which shows the Top sources of the traffic. Here in screen shot a website is taken into consider and the report shows that Google is the Top traffic contributor for the site.
  3. Demographics: Demographics is not yet providing hardly any reports. But we can expect this feature to be in the race very soon. Although it’s not yet active, but this is the only feature which helps advertisers in selecting the most prominent  platform where they can advertise their product or services.

These are the changes which alexa has adapted recently in the traffic ranking stats. What more we can expect from Alexa?

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Why High Page Rank alone doesn’t Bring Good Traffic

Page Rank Defined! In the Yesterday’s post “How to achieve High Google Page Rank in few Easy Steps” I told you that I will post about this. Here it is.

Many webmaster mainly consider Page Rank as a head for bringing good traffic. I’m not saying that Page Rank is not necessary for getting decent traffic, it is, but only High PR will never bring you good traffic.


So, what is the main source of traffic?

Content, Yes Content is the main source of traffic. You might have read a line that “Content is the King” in most of the SEO forums or blogs. That’s a true saying. Google love the sites/blogs who frequently update their content.

Let me show you an example, consider, this blog have 0 PR and also have grey barred(not ranked in Google) for some of the pages. But have you seen it’s Alexa Rankings? It is 11700 which is quite a good ranking. This blog is rich with good quality content and also Amit Bhawani frequently updates this blog with latest articles.

What is the main function of PR(Page Rank)?

Basically, having a high PR will bring your page in top SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) leaving behind the other pages which have low PR. If you have high PR for your blog, than this is a plus point for you to bring in good amount of traffic. But it is not always true. Searching Google for Increase Page Rank brings the following results:

Site1 (PR4)  –

Site2 (PR5) –

Site3 (PR0) –

Site4 (PR3) –

As you can see the third sequence,, It is a blog content, describing about the tips to increase Page Rank. The rest are websites which works as broker for selling or exchanging links. Google think the blog is better in content than others that’s why it is showed in TOP 10 ranking even after having PR 0.

It is clear from the above example that high Page Rank pages not always get supported, only good content will get it.

Go and start posting good quality content and receive good traffic from Search Engines as a love.

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