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Analyze the Speed and Condition of Your USB Flash Drive

Analyze Flash Drive Speed


Here are two free sofwares that helps you in analyzing your Flash Drive so that you can make a choice easily. Also it reports you about the drive’s condition so that you get the idea whether you can upload your precious data in the drive or not.

Check Flash: With Check Flash you can test, manage and format your USB flash drive. You can also check read-write errors probably known as bad sectors in HDD’s by running read-write cycle on your USB flash drive.

It cannot resolve the problem, but will report you so that you can place your important data anywhere else.

Check Flash

Download Check Flash.

HD Speed: HD Speed is a small sized(80KB) software that can be used to analyze the speed of data transfer on your hard disks, CD/DVD ROMS and Of Course USB flash drives. This program is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Just as Check Flash, the tool doesn’t require any installation and can be run with a single click

HD Speed 

Download HD Speed.

Other Tools with same Job.

Crystal Disk Mark: Crystal Disk Mark is another disk benchmarking tool that can double up as a USB flash drive speed tester. The screen is simple and gives readouts according to the type of tests performed.

HD Tune: HD Tune comes up with two different versions, PRO(Paid) and Free. No need to mention that some of the liked  features will be available only in PRO version.

Post and Share Videos at Twitter with Twiew

As the Twitter trend is increasing, new features and tools are also developing. I found a website that helps you in Tweeting Videos. Twiew is a twitter’s project that lets you share videos with others on Twitter.


Just give it a look here.

All you have to do is to login at Twiew with your Twitter username and password.

Search the desired video , and just Post it to your Twitter Account.

You can Follow Twiew at Twitter to get latest Twiew updates.

iPhone Source 50% of US Mobile Traffic than other Smartphones

Apple iPhone Admob a mobile advertising platform (basically for iPhones and Androids), releases mobile phone market stats every month by evaluating traffic reports from its mobile ad network. Recently, they had released a report in which they said that over the past six months, the smartphone share in mobile Web traffic has risen to 33% from 26%.


Here are some of the statistics regarding smartphones:(source)

iPhone and Android

Touchscreens: The top handset on each carrier is a touchscreen phone. T-Mobile has the Android device, the T-Mobile G1; Verizon Wireless has the BlackBerry Storm; AT&T has the iPhone and Sprint has the Samsung Instinct.

Top five smartphones: Globally they are: iPhone, Nokia N70, BlackBerry 8300, Nokia N80, and Nokia N73. In the U.S. they are: iPhone, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Centro, and HTC Dream (G1).

OS Breakdown: Although Symbian lost market share in February, but is still number one worldwide with 43 percent of requests; the top Windows Mobile device is the Samsung BlackJack II, but six of the top 10 Windows Mobile devices are from HTC; Android accounts for 5 percent of the US smartphone market; iPhone generated 33 percent of worldwide traffic and 50 percent of US traffic.

How to Remove Confidential and Unwanted Files from Windows

Sometimes when we share a computer in cafe or at friend’s home, we don’t want any of our confidential file or unwanted content left there.

But unfortunately, in most of the cases the system doesn’t cleaned properly. Also there are many softwares on the internet that can recover most of the files easily like Restoration File Undelete Utility tool.

Hidden Files

Freeraser removes the file totally with the below technique.


Freeraser can function on three levels:

  1. a fast destruction (standard 1-round filling of random data)
  2. a forced destruction (3 rounds of filling according to DoD 5220.22M standard)
  3. an ultimate destruction (35 rounds of filling with data according to Guttman algorithm).

Download Freeraser!

ASUS Introduces U6V-B1 Bamboo Notebook

Considering the environmental condition, Asus introduces U6V-B1-Bamboo Laptop series. Asus Korea launched the U6V-B1 or “EcoBook”, a bamboo notebook whose body is built with bamboo, by taking care of both the Technology and the Environment.


But still there’s a point rolling out in my mind. Although it is an eco-friendly machine, but in another sense, it is built with the cutting down of trees. Got the Scenario?

But anyway, Asus approaches in a good way to be a “help hand” in saving the environment.

EcoBook Features

  • powered by a Intel® Core™2 Duo T9400 (2.53 GHz)
  • 4096MB (2048×2) of RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 9300M GS with 256MB of dedicated graphics memory
  • 320GB (4200rpm)+TPM HDD
  • DVD Super Multi or Blu-ray drive
  • 12.1″ WXGA (1280×800, Colour-Shine, LED backlight)
  • Intel® WiFi Link 5100 (AGN)
  • Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium