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ibibo ads – Indian Publisher Network

Ibibo ads Last year Ibibo launched a CPA program, Adwinks, for both for advertisers and publishers. I just thought to give it a try, but it didn’t worked well for me. Recently last month, they transformed the Adwinks program to Ibibo ads. Now, Ibibo ads seems to be interesting.

I think, Ibibo ads is made for Indian Publishers only. Currently they have not vey large advertisers network, but by time they will gain more.

They serve ads on CPC(Cost Per Click), CPA(Cost Per Action) and CPM(Cost per Impression) basis. Out of which I liked CPC and CPA ads most.

I have a blog on VOIP which I’ve totally ignored in the past, but the blog is still getting near about 100-150 visitors daily. I then thought to utilize the blog’s traffic, then I placed a CPA ad on the blog which is paying 25 bucks per action made. Now, I’m making 700-900 bucks daily with a blog which I used to ignore in the past.

Ibibio ads

If your website/blog is getting  majority number of visitors from India, then this is just fit for you. Most of the advertisers in the program are targeting Indian visitors.

As the program is new, I can’t commit that how much it would be good for the you. But yes, it’s making me a good amount of money for doing nothing.

Also, they are going to make another change in their website, confirmed their representative.

You can Sign Up for Ibibo ads from here.

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