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5 Ways to Improve Online Sales by Using New Live Chat Features

When it comes to online marketing, selling is of course one of the most important and final stages in the process. But how can a business make sure that each client is effectively engaged in the shopping experience in order to maximize sales?


VeriShow, an untraditional live chat platform offers various innovative tools for richer customer-interaction. Some of which are:
1. Real-time content sharing – sharing images, videos and documents of products in real-time with customers can be used to effectively demonstrate products, explain, clarify, and cross-sell.

2. Using audio or video conferencing – communicating with clients using voice or video while sharing multimedia content, can produce better engagement in the shopping process, and provide a personal touch.

3. Screen Sharing – Agents can share screens with clients and assist them remotely. This option can be used, for example, for solving a software product issue, or in order to direct a client to a specific webpage.  
4. A Text Chat Translator – This chat application can automatically translate typed text into a different language, making it possible for agents to communicate with, and assist online customers who speak other languages.

5. Form filling – A unique application which allows signing online forms using electronic signatures.  A company’s online agent can now not only assist and convert clients, but actually close sales within the session, by offering customers the option to complete and sign forms online.

VeriShow, a multimedia live chat platform, has built its web-based service around a set of apps that enhance online customer support as described above. It offers premium plans, as well as a free version which is available here.