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Yahoo! A better Image Search Engine than Google

image Yahoo makes some major changes to its image search that kicks off Yahoo above the Google. Although, Google have more collection of images, but Yahoo’s image search is just more pleasing to use.

New image preview page features by Yahoo:
• A search box with search assistance to let you quickly and easily search for more images.
• More image search results (so you don’t have to hit the back button to see your other options).
• Suggestions based on queries from other users making similar searches.

Preferred image size

New Yahoo Image Search!

You can search image in preference to their size that also includes custom size. Moreover you can also opt that whether you want color or black & white images. You can also filter the images from Flickr.

Google had not given this type of independency yet. This is an impressive change by the Yahoo, satisfying me totally.

Also, it now has a slideshow feature, which displays the image preview at the bottom of the page, so that you don’t have hit the back key again and again.

The slide show feature.

What do you think about this new change in Yahoo Image Search? Leave your comments.