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Top 10 resources for Free Blogger Templates

Top 10 resources for Free Blogger Templates Although Blogger is not much appreciable blogging platform than wordpress, but still I would say “Blogger is Good”. We can customize Blogger to such extent so that it become as convenient as WordPress.

Even my this blog is hosted on blogger, my friends comment that I’ve done an excellent job on this platform, what do you think?.

Well, today I’m here with some top resources providing beautiful Blogger templates for free.

Lets share them.

  1. Blogger Templates
  2. BTemplates
  4. Blogspot Templates
  6. 5 Column Template
  7. Gosu Blogger
  8. Public Template
  9. Gecko&Fly
  10. Our Blogger Templates

Do you know about any other good resource for Blogger? If yes, then please share here.

Simple Tips to Make your Blog Load Faster

Simple Tips to Make your Blog Load Faster Blogs that takes lot of time to load, usually leaves a bad impression on visitors. Visitors come to you site to read content and are less likely to waste their time if they found it much time taking. One of the major drawback of a slow loading blog is that visitor will never navigate them, further which in turn increases your Bounce Rate. Getting your content right in front of your viewers is very important as it will grab their attention on things you load on your blog. So, here I’m posting few Simple tips to make you blog load faster.

Simple Tips to Make your Blog Load Faster

    1. Analyze Image Size and Type: The primary thing which affect the blog’s speed is the  image. Use low dimensional image in your blog’s post. Prefer gif images instead of bmp, jpg, png or any other image formats. Because gif images are low sized images and load faster than any other format.
    2. 2. Use Limited Scripts and Plugins: Another major cause by which blogs get slow down is the Scripts and Plugins. Try to limit the number of plugins and scripts in the pages. Instead of scripts prefer HTML codes, that would function better.
    3. 3. Limit the Flash Widgets: Limiting the number of Flash widgets will speed up your blog up to 10%. Use Text Links at the place of Flash Banners and Images.
    4. Limit the Number of Posts at home page: Limit the the number of posts at the home page, this will gradually increase your blog’s speed for home page.
    5. The auto-load videos: Some blogs have music videos or other types of video clips that start playing when the blog is loaded. Although these videos could be good, but if your visitor is not interested then it’s just wasting his time. Why don’t choose Youtube instead of these auto load videos.
    6. Compress the CSS code: Many of the blogs has CSS code in repeating manner, that slows down the loading speed of your blog/website. You can compress them with very easy method. Check out here to see how can you speed up your blog’s loading by compressing the CSS code.

Check the current speed of your blog.

Apply the above steps and see the result again.  Hope these tips would help you in speeding up your blog.


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Blogger Introduces a New monetize tab

Today I found a new "monetizing function" under the layout tab in my blogger Account.

blogger_monetize_tab It has three distinct ad placement positions and Google considers them quite helpful for you in monetizing your blog better. And you know? These positions are really helpful. Let’s use and experience yourself.

  1. The first category places your Ad on right sidebar and just below your post.
  2. Choosing the second category, it will put your ad on the right sidebar only.
  3. The third and last category will position your ad below the post only.

All the above defined positions are the visitor’s eye-catching positions and will really help you a lot. But still I recommend you to keep experimenting your ads placement, as a short and positive change could yield you big results.

Good Luck!