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Make the most out of college with these five, free apps

Let’s face it: We live in a world that is immersed in new, evolving technology. When it comes to tasks like staying in touch with friends, scheduling weekly events and meetings, or even getting a college education, there is a lot that rides on the dependability of the Internet, social media, the cloud, and – especially – apps. Lucky for today’s consumers, apps continue to grow in their efficiency, ease of use, and creativity.

College Apps

Each and every day thousands of new, education-related apps are created for individuals to purchase and download on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Yet when selecting the app best tailored to you and your educational experience, which apps are worth downloading and which are just a waste of memory space? In making the most out of your educational experience, here are five free apps that stand out amongst the other contenders for their creativity, understandability, and craftsmanship.

1. Flash cards

This app eliminates the hours of finger cramping pupils once had to painfully endure. No need to handwrite 1,000 flashcards for that Civil War exam anymore; this app does all the work for you, except the learning, of course. Flashcards are famous for their ability to help students quickly memorize and recall important facts, key figures, and difficult concepts, so this app is useful in preparing for most any college exam or quiz.

2. TED

Who doesn’t need an inspiration or two during those long study sessions? Will you get through that all-nighter you decided to pull? Probably, but it’s likely going to take some words of encouragement along the way. Behold: TED. TED is a popular website that compiles inspirational, informative speeches and talks from renowned writers, passionate professors, savvy entrepreneurs, famous celebrities – you name it. So, when a phone call to mom and dad just won’t do, let your fingers scroll over to TED.

3. iTalk Recorder

In the midst of vigorously scribbling down class notes, students often miss their professors wrapping up vital concepts and details that have been delayed to the last minute of class. iTalk takes the hassle out of transcribing those long lectures. iTalk records dialogue and allows individuals to name the recording, playback audio, and store it on devices. No more anxiety about remembering what muscle your biology professor told you would certainly be on the exam; with iTalk, lessons can be accessed with the tap of an app.

4. Wikipedia Mobile

Though professors vigorously preach against it, students use Wikipedia. And why shouldn’t they? More often than not, the database is full of detailed, informative, and, yes, factual information. No, you shouldn’t rely on this app as a sole means of studying, but Wiki is useful in wrapping up concepts and theories present in numerous classes, such as history, English, and math that usually help in tying up loose ends.

5. NYtimes

A lot of making it through college entails understanding what’s going on in the day-to-day world. In fact, knowing and understanding current events helps students make the most out of their educational experience. There are a handful of news apps out there, but The New York Times is one of the most respected, informative papers out there, and the newspaper doesn’t skimp on content, especially with its innovative app

The long-cherished college experience has only been improved by the addition of educational apps. Whether it’s keeping track of homework assignments or taking a snapshot of the student fast asleep in front of you, there are a number of apps students can select from. These big five will help you make the most out of your continued education.

About Author: A freelance writer and blogger, Mariana Ashley hopes to help prospective students and parents in making online college comparisons so they can find the schools that work best for them. She welcomes your emails at

Evolution And Rapid Growth History Of Smartphones

Mobile industry is developing day by day with the frequent release of new and better smartphones. Companies race to offer more features, more options, faster operation and easy user interface. Most people use mobile phones for their communication purposes, but they have some drawbacks in availing extra functions and applications.

To overcome these drawbacks smartphones came into existence for all home based and business purpose usages. So people have an option to recycle their old mobile phones to featured functionable smartphones easily.

Smartphone’s features include mobile phones, email facility, stylish texting, plenty of games, internet access, PDAs and fantastic keyboard. Smartphones support a complete featured operating system that makes everyone to view their files in original formats as they like. You can find integrated calendars, downloadable phone list from mails, notification for appointment, special recognition of voice as well as handwriting, extra featured gaming options, media players, high resolution camera, Wi-Fi access, portable laptop package, broadband access and GPS software on several models. They support 3G for video calling, MP3 players and mobile handsets.

Considering on more computing capabilities the mobile technology grows rapidly. Previous mobile phones are not upto the mark in fulfilling the complete needs of an individual person who wishes for business purposes. The increasing needs made mobile technology to take a new style in discovering new gadgets. Now smartphones are released with new multiple operating systems.

IBM Simon is the first smartphone that was released with few features like calculator, address book, e-mail client and games. It was lack of camera and other download capabilities. Later Nokia 9000 series released and it is the first Nokia’s smartphones. It features high resolution quality display, Qwerty keyboard, email, web browsing and PDA interface. A series of advanced browsing capability smartphones were released namely Nokia 9110 and Nokia 9110i.

Later touchscreen featured Ericsson R380 smartphone was released in the mobile market. It used Symbian OS. Smartphones with color screen feature was released and Nokia 9210 was the first among this featured devices. Nokia N95 reached its consumers with GPS, advanced multimedia options, five megapixel camera, Wi-Fi access and 3G services. Nokia released a continuous smartphone series with latest features added to them like Nokia 6110, Nokia N8 and Nokia N97.