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Many of us nowadays own smart phones. They are wonderful gadgets. Not only can we make phone calls and text with them we can receive emails, Skype, snap pictures, watch clips and play games. Now there is even the technology allowing us to print from them. Just as our phone calls are mobile, printing has gone mobile. So, how can people you print from your phone?

Mobile printing has arrived thanks to a multitude of apps for devices such as the iPhone. It is truly amazing to think that you can take a photo with your mobile phone and send it straight to your printer wirelessly. There are a number of ways to do it:

These apps are particularly useful for printing content accessed from the web via the smart phone. Just as with a PC or laptop, they link to the printer via a WiFi network. Some of these apps have been developed by the printer manufacturers and will only allow you to link to their particular makes. Other types of app are web-based and the printers are web-enabled. This removes the need for the printer software to have to be initially installed on a computer. They are ideal for printing out forms and extracts from online newspapers. There are even apps designed for use with social networking sites such as Twitter. As they become more popular, web-enabled printers are expected to allow even more scope for those wanting to print using their smart phones.

With the latest iOS devices, AirPrint is what you are probably familiar with. Airprint comes installed on all iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches that are 3rd generation or higher. It unfortunately does not work with all printers, but most modern WiFi printers are compatible. You can find out if your printer is compatible on the official Apple site here. Once you have a compatible printer and iOS device, they both need to be connected to the same WiFi network, if they are then it’s a simple case of choosing what you want to print and selecting your device from the list.

If you don’t have a compatible printer, or maybe you don’t have a iOS device, there are still many options available for you. The apple app store has a number of other printing solutions for you including Air Photo, HP iPrint Photo and EuroSmartzPrint. If you have an Android, don’t worry, it’s still possible for you to print, just check out Cloud Print, which uses Googles Could Print service to print wirelessly.

There has also been a recent development of phone specific printers, just one example being the VuPoint Photo Cube. It looks a lot like many other smart phone docks, you simple place your phone connecting it to the printer and select what you want to print, whether it’s your latest holiday pics or a picture of a cat. The printer doesn’t even need ink, it uses a dye sublimation thermal transfer method, meaning that a special type of paper used to print on react to heat that the printer generates to print the document or photo. It’s a great device and they even have a WiFi version in the works!

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