iPhone Monitoring Programs: 5 Things We Also Did As Teens that Our Children Do:

Our children are reflections of our pasts, perhaps a step forward. Today our children may sound illogical, hasty, and emotional bunch of teenagers to us but this is exactly how we were yesterday. Certain things with negative influences have grown in intensity like guns, drugs, media, internet, and dares.

However, technology has also advanced. Many parents have realized the mistakes they made as teenagers. They are handling teenage issues more wisely and taking technology’s help in raising their teenagers. iPhone monitoring programs are one of them.

The iPhone monitoring programs allow you to monitor your child’s activities remotely and covertly enabling you to change their lives without disturbing them too much. You won’t come across as a control freak and yet you’ll get the results. Here are 5 things that we also did as teenagers and that need controlling:
· We never liked rules. We took them as an attack on our freedom. “I am not a kid anymore”, was our slogan. Same goes with our teenagers. They disrespect rules. We should not take this personal as it is naturally associated with the age. With some compassion and clear communication, we can raise our teenagers more effectively.
· We always liked to discover the opposite sex and landed ourselves into trouble with wrong partners. Same goes to our teenagers. They also like to explore teenagers from the opposite sex. It is part of the hormonal change. We can train our children to be safe and set them certain limits in exploring the minefield that love can be.
· We always thought “smoking is cool” until we knew the health hazards of smoking. We thought it was “ok” to take marijuana occasionally. But modern drugs are much more dangerous. We have to educate our children properly, monitor them periodically, and take cool-headed actions over their violations.
· To quench our adrenaline rush, we used to take dares like racing cars, wrestling, and one-wheeling the bikes. Today’s dares are far more challenging and dangerous. Cinnamon, ice and salt, gallon, and subway chicken are making headlines today. We need to inform our teenagers about the dangers these dares carry and monitor our children.
· The first time health concerns crossed our minds was late thirties. We ate the junk food, paid no attention to physical fitness, slept late, woke up late, and watched TV for hours. we were “couch potatoes”. Now that we are aware of a healthy lifestyle, it is our duty’s call to make our children aware of components of a healthy lifestyle.
About the Author: Brian Coulter is an Author on Cell Phone Applications and Programs. He Likes to Write About New Cell Phone Software and Its Possible Applications. He has also developed an iPhone Spy Software.

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