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Evolution And Rapid Growth History Of Smartphones

Mobile industry is developing day by day with the frequent release of new and better smartphones. Companies race to offer more features, more options, faster operation and easy user interface. Most people use mobile phones for their communication purposes, but they have some drawbacks in availing extra functions and applications.

To overcome these drawbacks smartphones came into existence for all home based and business purpose usages. So people have an option to recycle their old mobile phones to featured functionable smartphones easily.

Smartphone’s features include mobile phones, email facility, stylish texting, plenty of games, internet access, PDAs and fantastic keyboard. Smartphones support a complete featured operating system that makes everyone to view their files in original formats as they like. You can find integrated calendars, downloadable phone list from mails, notification for appointment, special recognition of voice as well as handwriting, extra featured gaming options, media players, high resolution camera, Wi-Fi access, portable laptop package, broadband access and GPS software on several models. They support 3G for video calling, MP3 players and mobile handsets.

Considering on more computing capabilities the mobile technology grows rapidly. Previous mobile phones are not upto the mark in fulfilling the complete needs of an individual person who wishes for business purposes. The increasing needs made mobile technology to take a new style in discovering new gadgets. Now smartphones are released with new multiple operating systems.

IBM Simon is the first smartphone that was released with few features like calculator, address book, e-mail client and games. It was lack of camera and other download capabilities. Later Nokia 9000 series released and it is the first Nokia’s smartphones. It features high resolution quality display, Qwerty keyboard, email, web browsing and PDA interface. A series of advanced browsing capability smartphones were released namely Nokia 9110 and Nokia 9110i.

Later touchscreen featured Ericsson R380 smartphone was released in the mobile market. It used Symbian OS. Smartphones with color screen feature was released and Nokia 9210 was the first among this featured devices. Nokia N95 reached its consumers with GPS, advanced multimedia options, five megapixel camera, Wi-Fi access and 3G services. Nokia released a continuous smartphone series with latest features added to them like Nokia 6110, Nokia N8 and Nokia N97.

5 Ways to Improve Online Sales by Using New Live Chat Features

When it comes to online marketing, selling is of course one of the most important and final stages in the process. But how can a business make sure that each client is effectively engaged in the shopping experience in order to maximize sales?


VeriShow, an untraditional live chat platform offers various innovative tools for richer customer-interaction. Some of which are:
1. Real-time content sharing – sharing images, videos and documents of products in real-time with customers can be used to effectively demonstrate products, explain, clarify, and cross-sell.

2. Using audio or video conferencing – communicating with clients using voice or video while sharing multimedia content, can produce better engagement in the shopping process, and provide a personal touch.

3. Screen Sharing – Agents can share screens with clients and assist them remotely. This option can be used, for example, for solving a software product issue, or in order to direct a client to a specific webpage.  
4. A Text Chat Translator – This chat application can automatically translate typed text into a different language, making it possible for agents to communicate with, and assist online customers who speak other languages.

5. Form filling – A unique application which allows signing online forms using electronic signatures.  A company’s online agent can now not only assist and convert clients, but actually close sales within the session, by offering customers the option to complete and sign forms online.

VeriShow, a multimedia live chat platform, has built its web-based service around a set of apps that enhance online customer support as described above. It offers premium plans, as well as a free version which is available here.