Landing a Coporate Computer Programming Job

Landing a Coporate Computer Programming Job

If you have great technical skills, enjoy math, and are already well-versed in programming languages, you may be able to find a job as a computer programmer for a company or non-profit agency.


The career path for a computer programmer can be exciting and pretty lucrative (if you find the right job). According to Pay Scale, starting salaries for computer programmers range from $35,198 to $52,076. There are certain skills companies require, and one of them is usually a certification or degree in computer science or computer programming. Below are some tips and information on a future job as a computer programmer or related careers.

Skills and Courses You Need to be a Computer Programmer

In order to be a successful computer programmer, you should be familiar with algorithms and source code. You should also be interested or have experience in testing and designing different types of software. Associate and bachelor’s programs usually require computer programming majors to take the following courses:

· Introduction to information systems

· Object-oriented programming

· Visual basic programming

· HTML and Javascript


· Databases and SQL

· User-centered design and testing

· Systems analysis and design

If you have a degree in an unrelated field, but still have experience in the subjects above, you may be able to still find a technical job in IT or computer programming. However, most companies look for computer programmers, software engineers, web developers, and software consults with at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as programming, computer science, or information systems. For more information, check out Princeton Review’s Career Page.

Developing Your People Skills: Internships and Presentations

While you are pursuing your bachelor’s or associates degree (or even after), it is important to develop your people skills and presentation techniques. When designing or testing new software, as a computer programmer or software engineer, you will usually have to communicate your decisions and work to your supervisors in some kind of presentation. Try to get involved in internships and presentation based courses as often as possible during your degree program. You don’t want to choke in front of your supervisors while presenting important information!

Talk to Potential Employers: Get in Touch with the Human Resources Department!

If you are currently enrolled in a degree program, you should still call and/or email the HR Departments you would like to work for. It is never too early to get some information. Ask them what types of courses or degree programs they require from their job applicants. Landing your dream job may be easier when you know employer expectations! If your university or town holds career fairs, take your resume and talk to company representatives there as well!

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    Career fairs are a great place to get your resume out there to some good companies who are looking for young talent. Be sure to talk with the scouts at the fairs so that you might stick in their heads. Also keep in touch with other students, especially ones a little older who will be in the workforce before you. They can be helpful when you graduate and begin looking for a job. Most positions are filled by people who know people in the company.


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