Digg Effect on Adsense CTR and Earnings

Digg.com often will send a user base that is anti-ads. Digg users are most likely the most blind to ads, and Google ads.

If you read some of the comments in the thread at DigitalPoint Forums, you will notice that most enjoy getting digged, but the bottom line with AdSense is not that much of a difference. Here are some of users comments from the the Digital point discussion forum;

“Last week I had 10k for 2 days from digg.com but the CTR was only 0.01, only positive thins is you getting alot backlinks thats it.”

“I’m getting farked once and i get 27K of unique on 1 day and got my adsense increase about 3 to 4 dollar but i like free backlink more, looking to get more farked!”

“It would beat gambling on Digg and even if you did get on the front page, the traffic would be so untargetted it would probably be a waste of bandwidth if nothing else, although it may generate some links for you I guess.”

I enjoy being Dugg etc – only yesterday we were on the front page of Fark again.
Google adsense revenues were completely unaffected – as you would expect, while the rich media advertising raced ahead quite nicely as that is CPM based.
Our goal of being Dugg/Slashdotted/Farked is not direct revenue – but brand building though.
When I get hit, I see a nice increase in newsletter subscriptions, and following one memorable incident which lead to tons of blogs picking up on the story, our inbound links jumped significantly.
Being Farked etc is not about today’s revenues – but about tomorrows boost to your website – which in the long term will earn you even more than a one day wonder hit.

The same experience was shared at Webmaster world. Here are some of user comments from the forum;

I have a website/blog that today got dugg beyond my expectations. At first I was happy and couldn’t wait for the AS stats to refresh. But when they did, I found out that the only thing I got from digg was a waste of bandwidth. My CTR is 0.05% (!) and the impressions are over 30000 in the last three hours.
My question is: am I doing something wrong or is this normal with digg (i.e. digg users are not click-happy etc)

My site has been dugg several times, and I can confirm that you don’t get much, if any, revenue from the digg crowd. I thik a lot of the tech-savvy digg viewers have ad-blockers installed anyway, and the others just ignore ads.

However, being dugg does wonders for your site long-term. I still get lots of traffic to my site to pages that were dugg last year – the simple mention helps those pages a lot in search rankings. The referrer is often digg.com itself.

Digg users being tech savvy are totally useless for generating bucks from Adsense. Is this useless to Digg the pages? What do you say?

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