Bad Comments Tricks that you Shouldn’t Do

photo-comment Commenting on blogs is a good way to build relations and brand yourself in the crowd. This also brings you some good traffic. But it also leaves an impression on the blog’s author & the followers readers. A wise comment is always appreciated. Majority of the people clicks to know about the personality who has shared such a valuable information on the others platform and this make them your permanent reader. So leave your impression with a good remark or point.

Here are few common mistakes of the commenters experienced by Ramkarthik which you shouldn’t follow:

1. Keyword/Blog Name as Your Name

If you are a regular commentator on few big blogs, you would have noticed that few people comment using a keyword. When you use a keyword as a name when you comment, you will get a bad impression in the author’s mind and also in the minds of few of the blog’s readers. Use you own name when commenting on other blogs.

2. One Word Comment:

I always use to think why people post reply in one word. You would have seen comments like “Nice”, “Great Post” etc. These comments provide no value to the post. At least expand your comment a little. The author knows that the blog post is nice. If not, he/she wouldn’t have posted it. Make a bigger comment even if it is not adding any information to the post.

3. Adding Your Blog’s URL At The End:

Every blogger will see you as a spammer when you post your blog URL at the end of your without adding any information to the post. You should provide URL’s only if it is highly necessary or you can use the field provided for it.

4. Making Comments Without Reading The Post:

You might be surprised to see this, but indeed there are few who does this. I have experienced it myself. To prove it, you just make a post with a Title not related to the post. You might get one or two commentators posting comments related to the title. This normally happens when you have the Top Commentators Plugin installed. People read the title and make a comment which is related to it and not to the blog post.

5. Commenting Continuously And Then Stopping Once You Have Reached The Top Commentators:

I have experienced this one also in my blog. I get 5 comments in a row and once the commentator’s name comes to the Top Commentators, he/she will leave the blog. They won’t make any more comments. Commenting continuously is not a bag thing. But commenting to the Top Commentators and then stopping it once you have reached there is a dumb act.

6. Commenting By Other Blogger’s Name And URL:

This one is a known issue which I saw in Kumiko’s blog. It is surprising to see people using other people’s URL and Name when commenting. What is the use yo you when you do like that? You only give the author of the blog, one minute happiness because when he/she sees the comment, they will surely get happy.

7. Using Other People’s Avatar:

In few blogs, you can see the avatar by the side of the name. Few people steal other blogger’s avatar and make comments. The avatar that appears will be the same as the one which you use in MyBlogLog. So few people steal other’s avatars and few people steal others’ blog in MyBlogLog too.

3 thoughts on “Bad Comments Tricks that you Shouldn’t Do

  1. McLaughlin

    Another annoying comment is the one where a person leaves the same comment – or very similar comment – a 3 or 4 posts.
    On my blog I post in several languages. I've had people comment in English on Spanis posts. Comment does not go with th epost at all, it's just that the Spanish and French posts have a really high PR and few comments.

  2. Mohit Tripathi

    The same which is described above in point 4. I know many people used to comment at high PR pages. I would suggest to close the comment entries for the older post this makes them cleaner and more targeted to the topic.

  3. Tifa Lockheart

    I also often notice these bad commenting practices on my own blog and I have to categorize them as spams. Although, I still published some for the sake of their informative comments.


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