Why High Page Rank alone doesn’t Bring Good Traffic

Page Rank Defined! In the Yesterday’s post “How to achieve High Google Page Rank in few Easy Steps” I told you that I will post about this. Here it is.

Many webmaster mainly consider Page Rank as a head for bringing good traffic. I’m not saying that Page Rank is not necessary for getting decent traffic, it is, but only High PR will never bring you good traffic.


So, what is the main source of traffic?

Content, Yes Content is the main source of traffic. You might have read a line that “Content is the King” in most of the SEO forums or blogs. That’s a true saying. Google love the sites/blogs who frequently update their content.

Let me show you an example, consider www.amithbhawani.com, this blog have 0 PR and also have grey barred(not ranked in Google) for some of the pages. But have you seen it’s Alexa Rankings? It is 11700 which is quite a good ranking. This blog is rich with good quality content and also Amit Bhawani frequently updates this blog with latest articles.

What is the main function of PR(Page Rank)?

Basically, having a high PR will bring your page in top SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) leaving behind the other pages which have low PR. If you have high PR for your blog, than this is a plus point for you to bring in good amount of traffic. But it is not always true. Searching Google for Increase Page Rank brings the following results:

Site1 (PR4)  – www.ongsono.com

Site2 (PR5) – www.10pagerank.com

Site3 (PR0) – www.blogherald.com

Site4 (PR3) – www.webpronews.com

As you can see the third sequence, www.blogherald.com, It is a blog content, describing about the tips to increase Page Rank. The rest are websites which works as broker for selling or exchanging links. Google think the blog www.blogherald.com is better in content than others that’s why it is showed in TOP 10 ranking even after having PR 0.

It is clear from the above example that high Page Rank pages not always get supported, only good content will get it.

Go and start posting good quality content and receive good traffic from Search Engines as a love.

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6 thoughts on “Why High Page Rank alone doesn’t Bring Good Traffic

  1. Asif Istiak

    Very good article and totally matches what’s happening in my case. My mobile blog is only 5 months old PR 1(didn’t work at all to get PR in the last PR update, focusing on the next one). But amazingly it has an alexa ranking of 110,000 and ranks considerably well in Search Engines as well. I am really lazy and don’t regularly update my blog else I would have achieved a lot better than that I guess.

    But the problem I would like to mention with low PR is that may be quality content would bring you traffic and rank your blog in higher position, but that is temporary. Google ranks it higher bcoz its a fresh content. As days passes even with quality content your blog posts will lose rank to high PR blogs bcoz it is no longer fresh. That means we can’t ignore PR if we want to become a successful webmaster.

  2. Mohit Tripathi

    @Asif Many thanks for such a informative comment.

    I totally Agree with you that low PR blogs needs to be updated daily in order to get traffic.
    But I’ve noticed that many blogs are there which have high PR but still their Alexa Ranks is in 40-50 Lakhs.
    In my view, I’m not saying that PR is overall not necessary, it is, but the prime target should be the content.

  3. Raj

    You have make it clear so nicely in your article that I can’t find any word to write.Only one word “great”.
    Really your article is very impressive.Thanks

  4. seanmullins

    I guess I'm confused as to exactly what role Page Rank plays in search results. Considering that it is a logarithmic scale, if PR is important, then how is it possible in the example above for Site3 (PR0) – http://www.blogherald.com to rank above Site2 (PR5) – http://www.10pagerank.com – surely a site "valued" approximately 100,000 times better couldn't possibly be ahead in the search results if PR is a significant factor. I'm not disputing the example results given – I've seen similar things with other low PR sites (my own included!) Just wondering where PR comes in exactly…


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