The New DiggBar from Digg makes Digging Easy

Digg.Com has launched their DiggBar that has made digging very easy. The new DiggBar enables you to Digg, read comments, find related content, and share stuff from any page on the Web. Just like TinyURL  it shortens the URL making it easy to share. 


An easy way to generate the DiggBar is to type in before any URL in your browser’s address bar.

This will generate a short URL and reload the page you were viewing with the DiggBar on top. Say you wanted a DiggBar for, just type in your address bar and it will automatically happen.


Another simple way is to add a DiggBar on any page on the web using a handy bookmarklet. Install the bookmarklet as a bookmark and, when you find a page you want to submit or share, just click the bookmark and it will load the page with a DiggBar at the top!

Click and drag this button to your Bookmarks Bar. Digg Bar!

If you Can’t see your Bookmarks Bar, just right click at the Toolbar of your browser & click on "Show Bookmarks Bar" from the menu in your browser.

What do you think about DiggBar? Leave your comments.

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