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Adsense Checks to India via BlueDart for Free

Google has removed the Secure Check delivery feature from Indian Publishers account. They are no more charging for the Check Delivery. Actually, Now the Indian publishers will receive Google checks through Blue Dart, which will be free of charge. The Secured Check was charging $25 to the publishers but now it’s free.

Also the publishers can track their check thru Blue Dart’s tracking Service. Google has introduced this new rule because of the suggestions received by Indian Publishers to introduce some quick and cheap way to send the payments like some Direct Debit type facility. Or May be they will now send the check from India instead of Dublin which could be the reason of cost cutting.


Checks mailed by Blue Dart would arrive within 10-30 days of the check date, which is quite a long period but considerable one. In my opinion it’s better than the last one as, I think that checks from Blue Dart should arrive within 10 days rather than 10-30 days.

Also they says that “Blue Dart is not able to service all areas throughout India. If you live in a location they don’t service, your check will be sent by Registered Post and should reach you within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.”

Thank you Adsense Team for this wonderful service.

How to find High Paying Keywords for your Niche

How to find High Paying Keywords for your Niche

If you’re still finding the ways to find high paying keywords for your niche then just stop and read out this. There is no need to pay high subscription charges to find out the high paying keywords.

Here I’ve come up with the most prominent way to find High Paying Keywords for your niche using the Adwords Keyword Tool.

  1. Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  2. Search for keywords related to your niche.
  3. From the drop down, menu choose to display the keywords list according to CPC as shown below:
  4. Enter the maximum amount of bid as $100.
  5. Now the keywords list will be come up with highest bids next to the keywords.

This will give you some idea of high paying keywords for your niche. While writing the article, manage your keyword density with your preferred keyword. I’m sure that this will bring some minute positive changes in your Google Adsense Earnings.

Alexa again Introduces New Traffic Stats Features

Alexa Introduces New Features again. In the past time, Alexa updates the ranking of websites weekly, but now Alexa do it daily. Today I noticed few more new features in their ranking stats. Now without wasting your time, let see what are the changes that we can see in the traffic stats.

Following are the new features adapted by Alexa recently:

  1. Keywords: One of the good feature adapted by Alexa. It now tells the Top keywords that drive most of the traffic to the websites from Search Engines
  2. ClickStream: Another new brilliant feature is the clickstream which shows the Top sources of the traffic. Here in screen shot a website is taken into consider and the report shows that Google is the Top traffic contributor for the site.
  3. Demographics: Demographics is not yet providing hardly any reports. But we can expect this feature to be in the race very soon. Although it’s not yet active, but this is the only feature which helps advertisers in selecting the most prominent  platform where they can advertise their product or services.

These are the changes which alexa has adapted recently in the traffic ranking stats. What more we can expect from Alexa?

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Simple Tips to Make your Blog Load Faster

Simple Tips to Make your Blog Load Faster Blogs that takes lot of time to load, usually leaves a bad impression on visitors. Visitors come to you site to read content and are less likely to waste their time if they found it much time taking. One of the major drawback of a slow loading blog is that visitor will never navigate them, further which in turn increases your Bounce Rate. Getting your content right in front of your viewers is very important as it will grab their attention on things you load on your blog. So, here I’m posting few Simple tips to make you blog load faster.

Simple Tips to Make your Blog Load Faster

    1. Analyze Image Size and Type: The primary thing which affect the blog’s speed is the  image. Use low dimensional image in your blog’s post. Prefer gif images instead of bmp, jpg, png or any other image formats. Because gif images are low sized images and load faster than any other format.
    2. 2. Use Limited Scripts and Plugins: Another major cause by which blogs get slow down is the Scripts and Plugins. Try to limit the number of plugins and scripts in the pages. Instead of scripts prefer HTML codes, that would function better.
    3. 3. Limit the Flash Widgets: Limiting the number of Flash widgets will speed up your blog up to 10%. Use Text Links at the place of Flash Banners and Images.
    4. Limit the Number of Posts at home page: Limit the the number of posts at the home page, this will gradually increase your blog’s speed for home page.
    5. The auto-load videos: Some blogs have music videos or other types of video clips that start playing when the blog is loaded. Although these videos could be good, but if your visitor is not interested then it’s just wasting his time. Why don’t choose Youtube instead of these auto load videos.
    6. Compress the CSS code: Many of the blogs has CSS code in repeating manner, that slows down the loading speed of your blog/website. You can compress them with very easy method. Check out here to see how can you speed up your blog’s loading by compressing the CSS code.

Check the current speed of your blog.

Apply the above steps and see the result again.  Hope these tips would help you in speeding up your blog.


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