16 thoughts on “Make Google to Gift you an AdSense Account

  1. Mohit

    For what reason Google had blocked your account?

    I’m curiously waiting. Please introduce those tips as soon as possible. Thanks!

  2. Mohit Tripathi

    @peeyush The first thing I noticed in your blog is the unprofessional layout. Put up a nice template in your blog.
    Second thing: Your blog is too new, give some time to it.

    And then reapply for adsense.
    They might then approve your account.

    Good Luck!

  3. nilesh

    hi mohit realy good information but tel me one thing is there any need to define a copyright statement at the end of our blog if yes pleas tell me how to do this …nilesh

  4. Mohit Tripathi

    @nilesh… Adsense TOS doensn't force that you need to specify your Copyright info at the footer of your blog. But in my opinion you should add this as it shows off your copyrights to your articles.


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