Google To Introduce Pay Per View in YouTube

YouTube Pay Per ViGoogle is planning to better monetize it’s free video sharing site YouTube. So far, they were monetizing YouTube thru  advertising-supported service, but now they plans to build payment mechanisms into its video-sharing site.

So what’s the deal?

Google’s CEO said:

"With respect to how it’ll get monetized, our first priority is on the advertising side. We do expect over time to see micropayments and other forms of subscription models coming as well. We’ll be announcing additional things in that area literally very, very soon."

Although YouTube’s service is much popular , but it is also very expensive to operate, and Google has been working hard for months to come up with a more successful financial formula for sharing video.

Most of the Google’s Services are free to use, if they are planning so with the video sharing site, I think that will not make a hole in our pocket. But Yes, It will impose a limitation on me to use the service.

Well, I don’t feel that introduction of Pay Per View Concept will affect us so hard, coz there are many Video sharing alternatives to YouTube which would help us.

The major drawback of this concept for me and other publishers is the shared videos that are embedded on blogs and websites, but I hope that Google would have a solution for that too.

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