Alexa again Introduces New Traffic Stats Features

Alexa Introduces New Features again. In the past time, Alexa updates the ranking of websites weekly, but now Alexa do it daily. Today I noticed few more new features in their ranking stats. Now without wasting your time, let see what are the changes that we can see in the traffic stats.

Following are the new features adapted by Alexa recently:

  1. Keywords: One of the good feature adapted by Alexa. It now tells the Top keywords that drive most of the traffic to the websites from Search Engines
  2. ClickStream: Another new brilliant feature is the clickstream which shows the Top sources of the traffic. Here in screen shot a website is taken into consider and the report shows that Google is the Top traffic contributor for the site.
  3. Demographics: Demographics is not yet providing hardly any reports. But we can expect this feature to be in the race very soon. Although it’s not yet active, but this is the only feature which helps advertisers in selecting the most prominent  platform where they can advertise their product or services.

These are the changes which alexa has adapted recently in the traffic ranking stats. What more we can expect from Alexa?

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6 thoughts on “Alexa again Introduces New Traffic Stats Features

  1. Martin

    Alexa’s crawler is one of the biggest in the Web world. By 2005 Alexa’s crawler was hitting 4 to 5 billion pages a month and archiving 1 terabyte of data a day. Today this figure has changed. Now Alexa archives almost 1.6 terabytes of data per day, and hits a total of 4.5 billion pages from over 16 million sites. In an attempt to open up a whole new market Alexa made an announcement that its crawler would be open to up its crawler to requests from the floor to anyone willing to pay.

    The programmatic access to Alexa’s web search engine was enabled by the Alexa Web Search Platform. However, this platform also tried to start a search revolution. But after a while this platform was also taken over by the Amazon Web Services. Alexa also has a directory which is very similar to DMOZ, the open directory project. The directory has the ability to sort categories by Popularity and Average Review rating. Through the directory one can also access the necessary and related information of websites just by clicking on the title of the site. The Alexa technology was also incorporated into Internet Explorer 5 in 1999. In this way Microsoft also has its share in making Alexa the web giant that it is today.

  2. Mohit Tripathi

    Hi Martin,
    As you are saying that Alexa’s crawler was hitting 4 to 5 billion pages a month and archiving 1 terabyte of data a day in 2005, I’m not sure if Alexa was updating daily at that time.

    But Now I’m sure that Alexa’s database updates daily. And according to me in 2009 Alexa will be archiving more that 2 TB of data daily.


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