How to increase your Laptop Battery Backup

Everyone loves to operate a new era Laptop, and also they are getting more advanced, but due to drain battery you can only get a couple of hours out of your laptop.

 Increase Laptop Battery Backup

If you are planning to go to attend some important meetings/seminars where you’ll want  your Laptop to run longer then, How would you manage?

Well I’ve some tips that gives your Laptop’s Battery long backup. Follow these six steps to long power your Laptop.

  1. Unplug additional Hardware and Drives: Unplug any additional PnP and USB devices like USB Mouse, Flash Drives etc. as your motherboard powers them. Eject your Disk Drives to Save More. Some laptops have the feature to Turn off the webcam, so switch them off also. Got the idea of saving fuel.
  2. Dim your Screen Brightness: The major source of battery sucking is the Screen. Dim the brightness using shortcut at the f(function) keys or Go to Control Panel>Power Options, on the left side menu click “Adjust the display Brightness”( for windows vista).
  3. Switch off Wireless(Bluetooth and Wi-fi): Even if you’re not connected to any networks, your wireless LAN always searches for a new network that withdraws power from the battery. Watch out for Bluetooth also as some laptops have it and switch them off.
  4. Change Power Plan in Windows Vista: Windows Vista have this good feature to optimize performance when in the main plug and to optimize battery when on the move. Go to Control Panel>Power Options and switch to Power Saver Plan.Windows Vista Power Plan
  5. Stop Unwanted Application: Unwanted applications put demands on your system that are unnecessary when working on the move. Check your taskbar area. Have you found some program running which you don’t need? Exit them immediately. Also if possible Switch to Windows Classic theme instead of Aero and also exit the Windows sidebar.
  6. Battery: Use original battery and original charger only. As on the move, do you want to get faked by the duplicate ones? If your answer is NO, then switch to original and trusted brand.

Hope these tips will be helpful to you.

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