Blogger Introduces a New monetize tab

Today I found a new "monetizing function" under the layout tab in my blogger Account.

blogger_monetize_tab It has three distinct ad placement positions and Google considers them quite helpful for you in monetizing your blog better. And you know? These positions are really helpful. Let’s use and experience yourself.

  1. The first category places your Ad on right sidebar and just below your post.
  2. Choosing the second category, it will put your ad on the right sidebar only.
  3. The third and last category will position your ad below the post only.

All the above defined positions are the visitor’s eye-catching positions and will really help you a lot. But still I recommend you to keep experimenting your ads placement, as a short and positive change could yield you big results.

Good Luck!

4 thoughts on “Blogger Introduces a New monetize tab

  1. Mohit Tripathi

    @Smart Cars, Nice question there, well thats because this blog is new, and in my opinion one should not monetize his blog until it start getting a minimum of 1000 page views a day. Thats only the reason i’ve not yet applied adsense on it.

  2. Smart Cars

    i do not prefer blogspot blogs much but still i have a blogspot blog which i try to update 2 to 3 times a week …

    ur not trying out this monetize function on this blog ???


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