December 13, 2010

How to become a web developer?

There's a HECK of a lot to learn to be able to do web development effectively. Just to be ABLE to do it, you have to learn:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP or some other server-side language
To do it EFFECTIVELY, you've got a lot more to learn:
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • libraries and frameworks
  • a bug tracking system
  • Subversion or some other revision control system
  • IDEs
  • other tools
  • Apache
  • Linux command line
To do it WELL, there's even more:
  • usability
  • unobtrusive JavaScript
  • separation of concerns (MVC, etc)
  • testing
  • customer relations 
  • HTTP protocol
  • AJAX
I think that skipping PHP and the others and going straight to Rails is a good idea. Maybe. At least if he's talented. But he'll still have to learn a lot of things before he's any good at creating a site. (Don't forget that we found Rails easy to learn because we already knew a lot about web development.) He'll still have to understand HTML and CSS. The Agile Web Development with Rails books is excellent, but it takes a lot to get through. If you're the type who can read a manual to learn how to do something, then it's fine. But if you need to start out with a tutorial, then you'll need to start with a different book. If you do go this route, I'd recommend learning in this order:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Apache (as little as possible to get 2 virtual hosts running)
  • Rails
  • Subversion
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Ruby
  • SQL
If you want to make a living at it, I'd expect it to take at least a year of full-time (self-)education. Everyone learns differently, so it's hard to recommend learning materials. I'll offer some ideas though:

  • books (my favorite; I look for conciseness)
  • formal training classes
  • (community) college classes
  • local user groups (attend if topic is pertinent)
  • online videos/screencasts
  • podcasts
  • web tutorials
  • blogs (hard to get the basics though)
  • personalized training
  • mentoring
If he just wants to play around, I suppose the order is not as important. Learn things as they interest you. Eventually, you'll find you've learned a ton and enjoyed doing it.
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December 7, 2010

How to make Subdomains on Localhost

Developing websites on localhost may sometimes need making of sub domains. Installing and running another server for this purpose is useless, consumes more resources etc. So here is the technique to make sub domains on localhost.
So here is the technique to make sub domains on localhost.

You can also use this to host more than one site on localhost. i.e, you can host multiple sites situated on different folders.
PS: This is for Apache-Windows configuration. (If you have info about other Server-OS configs please let me know.)


First decide on the subdomain names...
for eg:
sub.localhost, sub2.localhost, alt.localhost , images.localhost etc..
You can also name (Please note that if there is a site with that name on the net, you wont be able to access that site on the internet.)

Second making these sites to point to, for this you can edit the HOSTS file on windows. See this about the HOSTS file.

Now add to HOSTS line hostname
Egs: sub.localhost sub1.localhost sub2.localhost images.localhost

Next we have to assign each of these different URL's to different folders.
This is done on the apache conf file. (httpd.conf file situated in apache\conf\ directory)

Scroll all the way down the httpd.conf file until you reach about Virtual Hosts.

NameVirtualHost *:80 #(This line was commented before)

ServerName subdomain name.localhost OR
DocumentRoot Path to the server root, See examples.
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.html index.htm index.shtml


ServerName sub.localhost
DocumentRoot "C:/public_html/sub"
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.html index.htm index.shtml

ServerName images.localhost
DocumentRoot "C:/public_html/images"
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.html index.htm index.shtml

DocumentRoot "C:/public_html/site"
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.html index.htm index.shtml

Test the configurations (using apache -t)
All done!
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March 28, 2010

Facebook to open Hyderabad Office soon


Facebook Hyderabad Office


Popular social networking site Facebook is opening its office in Hyderabad, where it plans to build a world-class team to support its growing number of users, advertisers and developers in India and around the world.

The decision to start an office in Hyderabad comes in the backdrop of the phenomenal increase in number of Indian users, which touched an 80-lakh figure. Hyderabad will be the fourth support centre for Facebook. Currently, its operations are supported out of Palo Alto in California and Dublin in Ireland. The third support centre would be set up in Austin, Texas.

Facebook will tap the talent of Hyderabad’s skilled workforce, recruiting a small initial team and is anticipating further growth as the office expands.

A full list of job descriptions for open positions has also been hosted on ‘’. The recruitment has already begun, a company statement said.

The Hyderabad office, like others, will house online advertising and developer support teams.

It is expected to provide round-the-clock multi-lingual support to its ever-growing user base.

Facebook’s take

Don Faul, Director of Global Online Operations for Facebook, said in Hyderabad: “People in India and around the world are using Facebook to do everything from voicing their opinions on national issues, to connecting with fellow cricket and hockey fans, to sharing photos with friends and family.

We expect our new office in Hyderabad to tap the region’s strong pool of talented people who understand operations and technology and help us more effectively serve the needs of our users, advertisers and developers around the world”.

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March 26, 2010

Google To offer Information Service in Delhi Metro


Delhi Metro - Google Transit


Google India and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation have announced that complete information on Delhi metro schedules and routes will be offered to commuters through "Google Transit".



“In line with Delhi Metro’s vision for a people-centred public transport system, we have launched several initiatives to help commutersbetter manage their travel time, transfers, and make more informed transport decisions. The collaboration withGoogle is another step in this direction to make it even easier for the public to plan their trips with transit information on Google Maps”, said Mr. E Sreedharan, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Manik Gupta, Product Manager, Google Maps & Local said, Google India said, “Google Transit’s goal is to make public transport information easily accessible and useful. With just a click on a station, commuters can get information showing timings, stations, passing lines, frequency of service etc. As Delhi Metro becomes the favoured public transportation for thousands of commuters every day, it would benefit by attracting new commuters and helping existing commuters to discover new routes. All this will be available on desktops as well as mobiles to make it easier for the commuters.”

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February 10, 2010

Google’s New Twitter like Service Buzz


Google’s new twitter like service. Google Buzz!google buzz

Google buzz is “Start conversations about the things you find interesting. Share updates, photos, videos and more with your friends.” according to Google.

You can buzz directly from your Gmail Inbox. I found this in my Google Apps Email but didn’t get invited in Gmail,must be something tizzy.

Google Buzz

Check it out and tell here whether you have it in your email?

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January 29, 2010

TheSocialMillionaire – Another Million Making Idea


Millionaire making ideas Taking example of some mind-blowing million making ideas like Million Dollar Homepage, Today lets talk about another million making fact. You might have read about a boy in London who created a home page “Million Dollar Homepage”  and sold 1X1 px ads for $1 and made 1 million dollar within five months.

Now lets take another millionaire making idea example today The Social Millionaire.

The overall idea of The Social Millionaire is very simple; the site is focused around a list of links where users can bid on keywords they would like to be associated with, and the highest bidder gets their keyword link displayed.

At a first glance, the site seems almost like a very common “link dump”, but once you take a look at the finer details, you start to realize that this is much more original.

It has a lot of great things going for it; first of all, the auction system for bidding on keywords really helps create a sense of competition. That’s because some keywords are definitely eye catching and recognizable. Take this for example, listed are “John Chow”, and “ProBlogger” keywords, yet neither are owned by their respective sites. These keywords stand out from the pack, since they are known by many, and will draw more clicks.

There could be some interesting bids on these high profile keywords, and as the bids rise, the keyword weight (font size) grows as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how the large block of keywords may be organized further in the future, when maybe thousands will be listed.

What’s more important about this site though, and something that is really driving it’s success, is the “Social” part of The Social Millionaire. Pat Hankinson, the owner of this site, is using social networks as a primary way to drive traffic. He is creating a very unique persona, and even in his about page, he believes people will want to be associated with his name (and brand) in social networks. This is a very unique idea, and I think it adds a whole new dimension to what he is doing with the site.

He is also buying a lot of high profile reviews, such as on John Chow, John Cow, and Jonathan Volk’s blogs and I think this is an extremely smart move on his part to build the initial momentum of this site. Now that he has some figures to show ($2,448 earned, 351 friends at the time of writing), and some community response about the traffic results from buying links, he is overcoming the initial hurdle of starting a new site and I’m sure the traffic will continue to grow very fast from here on out.

So as you can see, with a little marketing know how, a unique approach, and a creative idea, you really can see some amazing results online. I do recommend that you check out The Social Millionaire and read up on Pat’s approach to creating these new concept sites, and perhaps buy a link or two to experiment yourself!

*“Thanks links:

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January 18, 2010

Social Network Profiles or Emails - Which is more active?


From the past few months I’m looking for tools and techniques to market my social-network site, over the internet.  But one thing I found confusing and I’m still struggling to know what exactly it is.

Social Network Profile or Email? 

My plan is to viral the brand of my social-network project thru Viral Marketing technique and I’m sure that I’ll achieve my target by the end of 2010. While sparking a viral message to small number of people I tried two categories of them. I targeted 700 emails and few hundred orkut  profiles. As the latest news goes on more people are getting into social-network era by the time. Social Network Profile or Email? Where people are more active and which one is more frequently accessed. After spreading a viral message to both of categories I found emails to be fruitful. Emails founds to be more responsive than social network profile.

What does it mean?

Are people on social networking site are just for connecting to their friends? May be they are not there to know the latest buzzing news, They are there just for a catch-up with friends.

But the 2009 top investment report says something else.

2009 Market Survey

Social Media marketing is one of the the top-second area on investment. This post at dosh dosh has included all the benefits of Social-Media-Marketing. One of them is Huge Massive Traffic.

What i found till? If you’re targeting informal market i.e “youngsters” than nothing other than Social Media Marketing will be helpful for you as the young age people like college  and school guys used to be more active on their Social Network Profile rather than emails.

But emails proved to be best for formal marketing section as working people drives emails in their daily professional routine. Although my viral campaign is targeting informal market but I get a good response from emails as compared to social network profiles. That may be because of irrelevant topic sharing with audiences. You should know the technique to share a informal topic with formal audiences thats what called “Marketing”.

Well I’m not a master in Marketing. I’m just sharing what i experienced with it with you all. Thats it!

Don’t forget to signup for my Social Network,! Add me there at

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