June 23, 2009

Adsense Introduces Large Font Ads

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Google AdSense Today AdSense Introduces the new feature to change the font size of the ads. This is the most common feature voted by the most of the publishers to be immigrated in Google AdSense.

Introduction by AdSense Official Blog “Inside AdSense: Default font size increased”.

This change will affect your ad units if you haven't yet customized your font sizes, or if your ad units are set to 'AdSense default font size' -- you'll notice that the text in your ad units is now the equivalent of 'medium' instead of 'small'. We decided to make this change based on publisher feedback and our testing, which showed that this increased font size improved performance.

Notice difference between Small Font sized ad and Large Font size ad:

     Small/Normal Font Ad

Adsense Small Font Ad

   Large Font Ad

Adsense Small Font Ad

This feature might help publisher in getting good CTR and hence affects the overall revenue.

How to change your ad’s Font size:






You can also modify the font size of your preferred Ad block by changing the ads settings in Manage Ads section.

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