April 7, 2009

Zoho Writer 2.0 A Brilliant Online Word Processor

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Zoho Writer 2.0 Zoho writer now becomes one of the best online word processor for sharing & editing word document files after it’s latest upgrade. This free online application has beaten Google Docs in terms of features and compatibility. It is the most comprehensive suite of web-based applications for small businesses, and its flagship word processor recently received a major interface overhaul in its 2.0 incarnation.

Zoho Writer 2.0

You can also login to Zoho by using your Google or Yahoo ID, making it easy for you to share the documents with any you want.

Login using Google or Yahoo ID.

The new, Zoho Writer 2.0, includes tabs for Format, Insert, Review, Share, Views and Page Setup. Commonly used features like Save, Undo/Redo, Cut/Copy/Paste and so on are grouped together to the left of the MenuTabs, so that they're always accessible.

Zoho Writer 2.0 Menu Bar.

Zoho Writer works just like a regular word processor. You can start with a blank page, or import HTML, DOC, DOCX, SXW (Open Office), ODT, RTF, JPEG, GIF, PNG and text files, with a 10MB maximum file size. Here is a link to browse some 50 templates provided by Zoho, any of which you can import into your library.

Although Zoho have not yet released any desktop applications like Microsoft Word, but it does provide one of the richest feature sets of online word processor, which even has beaten the Google Docs.

Here is a short post on some of the Good features of Zoho Writer 2.0:

 Sharing & Collaboration: Easily share your documents online, with friends on an individual basis and in group. Collaborate on them in real time.

Offline Support: Access and edit existing documents even without an internet connection. Offline document edits will be synchronized when you are online.

Post to Blog: A nice way of sharing documents with the whole world. Make use of Zoho Writer's feature rich WYSIWYG editor for publishing your documents to blog.

Import / Export Documents: Upload documents from your desktop, Google Docs or anywhere on the Web. Download and save them to your computer too.

Page View Editing: Experience the joy of writing documents in a real paper like environment. Edit them the way you wish to see in print.

Template Library: Build your document by picking up from a collection of readymade templates from our template library. View Template Library.


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