April 2, 2009

Visit Ancient Rome with Google Earth

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Visit Ancient Rome with Google Earth The very first version of the Rome Reborn product model went under construction 10 years ago, and finished last year. There were 250 highly detailed structures, and a total of over 7,000 structures made at all. Since last year the Rome Reborn Project has seen many faces, it’s most recent being Rome Reborn 2.0 which improved the detail significantly. Google then joined in and offered to include Rome Reborn in Google Earth.

Rome 2.0 Google Earth

Now, Rome Reborn in Google Earth is very similar to virtual Time Machine, which can be used to study about the Ancient Rome and other great cities of the world.

If you currently have Google Earth (any version), you can enjoy viewing ancient Rome. Not only you can navigate around the structures, but also can go in them, and enter areas like the Colosseum and even the Roman Senate. With more time, more information will be added, theoretically reported.

Just give a look at Rome Reborn in Google Earth.

Rome 2.0 Google Earth


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