April 1, 2009

iPhone Source 50% of US Mobile Traffic than other Smartphones

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Apple iPhone Admob a mobile advertising platform (basically for iPhones and Androids), releases mobile phone market stats every month by evaluating traffic reports from its mobile ad network. Recently, they had released a report in which they said that over the past six months, the smartphone share in mobile Web traffic has risen to 33% from 26%.


Here are some of the statistics regarding smartphones:(source)

iPhone and Android

Touchscreens: The top handset on each carrier is a touchscreen phone. T-Mobile has the Android device, the T-Mobile G1; Verizon Wireless has the BlackBerry Storm; AT&T has the iPhone and Sprint has the Samsung Instinct.

Top five smartphones: Globally they are: iPhone, Nokia N70, BlackBerry 8300, Nokia N80, and Nokia N73. In the U.S. they are: iPhone, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, Palm Centro, and HTC Dream (G1).

OS Breakdown: Although Symbian lost market share in February, but is still number one worldwide with 43 percent of requests; the top Windows Mobile device is the Samsung BlackJack II, but six of the top 10 Windows Mobile devices are from HTC; Android accounts for 5 percent of the US smartphone market; iPhone generated 33 percent of worldwide traffic and 50 percent of US traffic.


Abhi said...

Android will bring next evolution.

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