April 12, 2009

Improve your Multitask Work at Windows with Desktop v1.0

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Desktops is a Windows application by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, which allows you to organize your applications on up to four virtual desktops. You can read email on one, browse the web on the second, and do work in your productivity software on the third, without the clutter of the windows you’re not using. After you configure hotkeys for switching desktops, you can create and switch desktops either by clicking on the tray icon to open a desktop preview and switching window, or by using the hotkeys.

This application is useful for those who performs multiple task.

Here is a screen shot of the screen which allows you to setup hot keys.

After you download Desktops and run it you will see a new icon in the system tray that looks like 4 blocks. If you click on the icon you will see a preview of what you have open on each desktop.

You can download Desktop v1.0 from here.


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