April 16, 2009

How to find High Paying Keywords for your Niche

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How to find High Paying Keywords for your Niche

If you’re still finding the ways to find high paying keywords for your niche then just stop and read out this. There is no need to pay high subscription charges to find out the high paying keywords.

Here I’ve come up with the most prominent way to find High Paying Keywords for your niche using the Adwords Keyword Tool.

  1. Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  2. Search for keywords related to your niche.
  3. From the drop down, menu choose to display the keywords list according to CPC as shown below:
  4. Enter the maximum amount of bid as $100.
  5. Now the keywords list will be come up with highest bids next to the keywords.

This will give you some idea of high paying keywords for your niche. While writing the article, manage your keyword density with your preferred keyword. I’m sure that this will bring some minute positive changes in your Google Adsense Earnings.


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