March 28, 2009

Fast Search Images which you actually want – Google Image Ripper

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Google Image Ripper is one of the best image search tool I’ve ever found on Internet. In most of the time, when you search for images on Google Image Search, you come up with some unrelevant size results with countless pages.

Moreover you have to click the thumbnails to see the full-size image. Google Image Ripper is not owned by Google. It's a Web site that allows you to search Google Image Search and see the full size images rather than previews. This only works well if you have a high speed Internet connection.


But with Google Image Ripper, you enter the search term, select the desired size, check whether the result should include “nsfw” (not safe for work) images.

Here is an example of the result.

Google Image Ripper


Abhi said...

Nice Tool.

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