February 11, 2009

Google Power Meter Will Help users in cutting the electricity bills

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The future belongs to Google, one of an example regarding its usage is that it would help you in cutting down your electricity bills. Google makes it possible by demonstrating Google Power Meter to it's users.

Google Inc. in Los Angeles recently said that their software technology will help it's users to track their home's energy usage. Great Technology! it will not only help users in lowering their electricity bills but also helps in reducing Global Warming effects that are caused due to production of electricity.

How this service will work?

The modus of operandi of Goggle’s Software Technology would be to track your power consumption and also track which device is consuming more or less. This will give you an idea about the device's power consumption so that you can easily decide which device needs switching.

As this project is related to lowering the environmental issues, google knows it very well, that they will get more push support from Government. Google Power Meter is currently being tested by employees and is not yet available to the public. The service hasn't even entered in beta status.

In my opinion Google takes care of the environment, as the company had already invested in several fledging solar power, wind power and geothermal power companies, this proves their care about environment.

The company is also planning to develop partnership with other companies so as to roll out their PowerMeter with in next few months.
Google wants to be a part of the smart grid action and their step would help many people including environment to reach safely in limit. It is a technology to count on in future.

According to Google,there are 40 million smart meters in use worldwide, with another 100 million planned in the next few years. *says source.

Lets start saving energy and be Energy efficient with Google Power Meter.


Anonymous said...

Yes, i agree.
This step will help in more energy conservation in future

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